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The Rendina Family Foundation Gives $150,000 to Scripps Florida Scientist


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The Palm Beach Post
by Stacy Singer

A scientist at Scripps Florida who is working to develop a drug against aggressive brain cancer has been awarded $150,000 from the Rendina Family Foundation, in memory of real estate developer Bruce Rendina, who died in 2006.

The two-year grant will enable Derek Duckett, an associate scientific director with the Translational Research Institute at Scripps Florida, to hire an additional post-doctoral researcher. His lab is investigating a new compound designed to stop glioblastoma cells from spreading throughout the brain.

Richard Rendina recalled how his father gained months of life in his battle against glioblastoma while participating in a clinical trial at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“The reason we’re so excited about what Derek is doing is that is exactly what he is working for – a drug that would inhibit the growth of glioblastoma, to improve the quality of life and lengthen the time a person can survive with the disease,” Richard Rendina said.

Until his illness, Bruce Rendina was an advocate for the public investment in Scripps, and for its construction in Jupiter over other sites. His firm, the Rendina Cos., is a nationwide medical real estate development company with offices in Jupiter, LaJolla, Calif., and Dallas. Richard Rendina is now its chairman and CEO.

“I think what we’ve all realized is that the real return for Palm Beach County residents, on the investment we’ve made as taxpayers, is the leading-edge technology that were getting out of Scripps,” Rendina said.

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