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The Rendina Family Foundation on GoodSearch and GoodShop

For your next web search or purchase visit www.GoodSearch.com or www.goodshop.com and choose the Rendina Family Foundation in the “Who do you GoodShop for?” or “Who Do You Support?” drop down menus.

GoodSearch is a Yahoo powered search engine that donates half of its revenue, about a penny a search, to charities designated by the user. The site can be used as any other search engine but every time one uses the search engine the advertisers donate to the charity of the users choice. Users are able to view how much money and how many searches have been performed on behalf of each charity.

GoodSearch also has an online shopping mall called GoodShop. GoodShop is similar to sites such as Amazon or E-bay, except with GoodShop a percentage of each purchase is donated to the user’s designated charity.